Artistic Performance Activities

The core of the artistic performance activities is not only organising courses, seminars and competitions, which the Conservatoire holds annually, but also public concerts.

Public concerts are held regularly every year by the respective school departments. The dramaturgy of the concerts reflects important anniversaries of European and Czech music composers as well as significant topics of European music culture. The conservatoire holds music cycles in the course of the year to commemorate significant music events or festivities such as “the year of Czech music”, “Homage to Mozart” etc.

Since the year 2003 the school has been holding a regular cycle of advent concerts. These concerts are held not only in the Czech Republic (e.g. in Opava, Ostrava, Olomouc), but also in Slovakia (Bratislava), Poland (Raciborcz, Rybnik) and Austria (Vienna, Gumpoldskirchen).

Another important activity of the Conservatoire is co-organizing of the Petr Eben International Organ Competition in cooperation with the statutory city of Opava and with the foundation Czech Music Fund. The competition has an international reputation and is attractive for young musicians from many European countries, who present their artistic performance on three different musical instruments in the hall of the Petr Bezruč Library, in the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Concathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady. The performances are always assessed by a panel of judges consisting of excellent teachers, artists and musicologists.

Students of the Organ Department of the Conservatoire also take part in the Petr Eben International Organ Competition. The students of other departments of the Conservatoire take part in the Czech and international interpretation competitions and exhibitions, from which they regularly bring awards (see awards to the students of the Conservatoire). The students and the teachers of the Conservatoire have also taken part in a number of choir or solo performances abroad (Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany and France).

The Conservatoire also started a tradition of the Exhibition of Organists from the Czech Conservatoires, which took place in the subsequent years in Olomouc, Pardubice and Ostrava. In the following years the exhibition is to be organized by other Czech conservatoires.

The Church Conservatoire Opava also organizes unique courses of Gregorian chant and also courses of Baroque and Church Music. The school focuses on young talented musicians from the whole country and Slovakia who come to the region and who find the conditions for their professional growth here.

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